Our Principles


To have strong and resilient communities where people are free from poverty and are able to achieve their full potential


Building viable and sustainable communities through volunteer, education, economic empowerment and, agricultural programs.


Provide educational opportunities for children from impoverished communities
Provide improved economic opportunities for targeted communities
Promote and foster Cambodian and international volunteers helping Cambodian communities
Provide reliable, sustainable and culturally appropriate client service to the people of targeted communities
Promote growth and sustainability of the organization through effective resource managemen


Unity in Diversity
To work together with the community, acknowledging others in pursuit of our common goals.

Professionalism, Integrity, and Ethics
To consistently serve our clients and our colleagues professionally, diligently, impartially and with respect, soundness of judgement and honesty in everything we do.

To provide strong committed leadership both internally and externally – bringing people together to achieve our overall objectives.

Openness and Accountability
To be transparent in our actions decisions and results to all stakeholders and to be held accountable for plans actions and outcomes.

Creativity and Initiative
To be willing to review current operations and implement new and innovative approaches that assist in achieving our overall objectives.

To proactively work with others to achieve our common goals.