The Opening Ceremony of Academic Year 2018-2019

Today marks another year of success! CVCD is organizing the Opening Ceremony for the New Academic Year 2018-2019. The ceremony convened many stakeholders to come and celebrate with us which include: Founder, Board Member, Local authority, Donors, NGOs Partners, School Representatives, Supporters/Sponsors, Parents, Students and CVCD staff members and teachers. The ceremony was held at Krang Angkrang Pi Community School.

The main purposes of this event include: 1) To present the annual achievement of Education Program for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, 2) To honour students who received best attendance record & Outstanding students, 3) To honour​​ 27 students who successfully graduated from our primary school level, 4) To strengthen the relationship between CVCD and Ministry of Education, NGOs Partners, Donors as well as local authorities.