Self-Sustainability Project in Poor Community

The aim of this project is to create self-reliance through facilitating business activity in the community. The expected benefits are: improved living conditions, decreased poverty levels and increased school attendance of the children. The SPPC project hopes to reach these goals by providing loans and training courses to community members. Training Sessions are offered in the areas of small business, the environment, family planning and gender equality.

Because of the specific mission of this fund, CVCD provides these loans with zero interest, only with the condition that families use their profits to put their children through school. The families of female students are given priorities because girls are evidently more vulnerable than boys in Cambodia. In addition, part of the fund is used to provide small business guidance and levitra dosage training on money management. Loan recipients are regularly checked in on by CVCD staff. The loans are customized to the situation of the families and generally short-term. Families may apply to receive a new loan after paying back their first; however, after five years, they are be expected to be financially sustainable. Families agree to a contract in which they recognize that once they repay their loan, that money will be loaned out to other poor families in their community.